General Conditions

The price list of goods and services is published on and is also accessible at the registered office of the provider.

The buyer is a natural or legal person, together with their co-players, who purchases goods or services from the provider Turistične in druge storitve, Klemen Čepar s.p. The purchase is performed at the registered office of the service provider or via the internet, as well as outside business premises with prior agreement. The negotiations between the two parties via various means of communication (e-mail, SMS messages, etc.) is also regarded as written agreement.

A condition for performing the service is that the buyer pays for the full service in advance. Purchased tickets cannot be returned or refunded less than 48 hours before the scheduled time slot. Refund is also not possible in the case that players are not on location at the agreed time.

The provider is obliged to perform the services or deliver the goods in the scope and manner that was promised, offered or agreed to in writing with the buyer. The exception to this rule is made only in the case of force majeure or inability to provide the service due to a third-party dependency. If the game is prevented from continuing due to force majeure or a third party, the clock is stopped. If the buyer so wishes, the game is resumed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the buyer is refunded a proportional part of the purchase price.

The buyer can decide to end or leave the game at any time. In that case, there is no refund. In the case that force majeure causes a suspension of the game, the game is resumed as soon as possible or, if they so wish, the buyer is refunded. In the case of extremely bad weather, the provider reserves the right to change the date (with prior agreement with the buyer).

We ask that you arrive at the agreed location at least 10 minutes before the start of the game. The provider reserves the right to cancel the reservation of groups that are running 15 or more minutes late. In that case, a refund or changing the date is not possible.

The buyers or players are obliged to take care of their property and their health themselves, as well as to avoid any sources of danger, cease with or refrain from any actions that might endanger the safety, health and property of the buyer or other people involved, and comply with current laws and regulations. The players are obliged to look after the equipment that they receive at the start of the game and are responsible for any damage caused to it. The players are obliged to abide by road traffic regulations and instructions given to them before and during the game.

By purchasing the service, the buyers oblige themselves that, unless given a written permission by the provider, they will not publish or in any other way reveal information, related to the course of the game, or any other business and technical information. During the game, it is prohibited to photograph or record the course of the game or any specific elements of the game.

The players participate in the game at their own risk. Persons who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs as well as persons who show clear signs that they could endanger themselves or others are not allowed to participate in the game. Before entering the game, the players sign a statement that they agree with the General Conditions and the conditions of the game.

The game is not recommended for people with chronic or heart diseases. Persons under the age of 14 can enter the game only in the company of an adult person.

The provider undertakes that the buyers’ information, collected via the website or in any other way, will not in any way be divulged to unwarranted persons and will be managed with care and in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Upon receiving the gaming accessories, the player pays 20€ of caution money, which is refunded to them upon returning the accessories undamaged.

General Conditions are in force as of November 13, 2018